Working with Termbases. Course 3 – Importing, Exporting, Using Filters

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Until now, we have created a termbase and added some concept entries. But what if we have a lot of terminology to add? It can be time-consuming to add each entry one at a time. In this course, we will import a glossary in Excel format into our termbase.

After importing the terms, we will learn how to export them, in various formats. This can be useful if you want to share terminology with a colleague who may not have direct access to the termbase. It can also be useful for making batch changes, although TermWeb also offers a special feature for this purpose called the Staging Area. The Staging Area will be covered in Course 5 about advanced features.

Finally, this course also covers using filters. Filters are very useful, for displaying subsections of a termbase according to user needs, for focussing maintenance tasks in certain areas, and for exporting subsets of your termbase. Click on the first radio button below to start this course.

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