Course Group 2. Working with Termbases

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A termbase is the main output of a terminologist’s work. It comprises a digital linguistic resource of terms, concepts, and metadata. As we have already learned in Your job: Terminologist. Course 2 – Termbases, terminologists create and manage termbases with a software tool that is referred to as a Terminology Management System (TMS). Like other software applications, TMS are moving to the cloud, and today most of the better TMS are cloud-based.

In this third group of courses, we will cover the main tasks involved in working with termbases. We will be using the market-leading terminology management system, TermWeb, by Interverbum Technologies.


Why TermWeb? Make no mistake, there is no marketing motivation here. We receive no incentive for using TermWeb, and Termologic is not affiliated with Interverbum Technologies. Its simply, in our opinion, the best terminology management system available. With TermWeb, you can experience features and functions that are not available in any other terminology management system.

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