We provide consulting and services for developing linguistic databases to support commercial content production. Our services include:

  • Demonstrating the ROI of managing terminology and other expressions to your executive management
  • Defining and implementing a terminology management process for your organization
  • Educating employees on managing and using terms and other expressions correctly
  • Standardizing your company terminology
  • Developing a company terminology database
  • Integrating terminology and other key words into controlled authoring (CA) and computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools
  • Developing optimal search keywords for your products, and integrating them into your web pages to increase search results
  • Providing advice for selecting and implementing any suitable software, to guarantee quality and improve productivity
  • Providing design specifications for developing custom software
  • Ensuring that international standards are adhered to, with respect to database models and data formats
  • Performing a cross-company audit to establish whether terminology meets acceptable Quality Assurance levels
  • Extract terms and key expressions from your content files to rapidly expand your linguistic database.