Glossary Creation

Termologic provides state-of-the-art term extraction and glossary creation services tailored to the needs of companies. We develop high quality terminology resources from a company’s content (web sites, documents, product assets, and so forth). We don’t only use a term extraction tool, because we find the output of such tools unsatisfactory. We use a combination of methods leveraging term extraction tools, concordancing software, corpus linguistics, statistical algorithms, and a fine-tuned selection process to weed out unimportant terms. Our combined process and tools are unique in the industry and we guarantee total client satisfaction.

Term extraction requires highly specialized skills to optimize the output. This is why many companies are hesitant to use automated term extraction. Termologic solves this problem by offering a complete service that combines the best technology with highly-skilled manipulation of the output. By using this service, your company no longer has to worry about how to use a term extraction tool and how to “clean up” the output. We deliver high-quality terms in large volumes.

Our service is customized to your needs. It can range from a simple list of key English terms from your content, to a bilingual or multilingual glossary, or even to a set of terminological entries that can be imported into your terminology database, complete with additional desired information such as definitions or anything else you desire.

If you would like to learn more about the technology and service, take a look at our White paper:

Term Extraction

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